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The iam8bit Entertainment System is an independently designed and developed game console. Created for the iam8bit Entertainment System Gallery Show.

Text message controlled Bomber Man. 24 hour Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon. Nolan Fabricius collab.

GLITCH - Ludum Dare 27 - Theme, 10 Seconds

a lost soul un-found wandering the city streets vagabond, hobo | Ludum Dare Competition #26, Minimalism. Nolan Fabricius collab.

Dear Esteban blows an existential hole in the players perception of their own realities. And it blows hard. Love letter to Dear Esther and Fck This Jam entry. Nolan Fabricius collab.

Typing Karaoke. Mavis Beacon meets Guitar Hero. First Place, Hollywood Hack Day 2012.

Jake has contracted CUBISM! For which, apple pies are the only known cure. 48H ADVENTURE TIME GAME JAM. Nolan Fabricius collab.

Help Charles Darwin avoid his pundits and discover evolution. Ludum Dare Competition #24, Evolution. Nolan Fabricius collab.

Take a ride on Space Shuttle Discovery. Ludum Dare Competition #23, 10th Aniversary

Fitness in your pants. 48 hour Hollywood Hack Day collab with Tyler Chen. COMING SOON!

Flight School, MolyJam Duex, 2013. Kris Zalameda collab.

River City Pub Crawl, What Would Molyduex, 2012

Neversoft, Guitar Hero 3 - 5.

Stage Hands - a live interpretive performance of Forest Gump.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta's wacky adventures inside of a human body - a one button game.

Bonsai - because cutting leaves IS fun.

Fireworks - interactive fireworks with ambient sound.